Screen Chomp & GarageBand on the iPad – demo / tutorial


Short screencast made using a screenshot from GarageBand, a ScreenChomp screencast a song I made in GarageBand and iMovie. 

Tidy šŸ™‚

Here’s the original version of the screencast sans music before I put it through the rinse to add the music in iMovie for quality comparison.


One thought on “Screen Chomp & GarageBand on the iPad – demo / tutorial

  1. Nice screencast! Somebody mentioned Screenchomp in my PLN last night (perhaps it was you?) so I had a look at it. Whilst it works well, I think I prefer the alternative ShowMe for the following reasons:- ShowMe has a website from where you can view screen casts made by anyone, unless they’ve set it to private. Whilst ScreenChomp does have a website for videos, it’s hidden – you can’t go the website itself ( unless you have a direct link to a specific video. This doesn’t allow others to randomly view other screencasts which might be interesting to them.- The quality of the video encoding on ShowMe seems to be a little higher, at least with the few examples I’ve seen- ScreenChomp is still a lab experiment, a beta really. I have a fear of using services in beta which can then be pulled leaving you in the lurch, so to speak. But then again TechSmith are a reliable brand.The only niggle I have with ShowMe is that you don’t have a download option on the website, but those with a bit of technical knowhow are well aware of workarounds for this(!)Still, these are both very good apps for demonstrations and I’ll be trying this out in class, hopefully as a way of letting students teach each other.

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