Sally Thorne – Kindles in the classroom

Reading – lots of free books! Buying is cheaper too.
Definitions – will pop up at top of the screen. Encourages learning of new words.
Built in dictionary
Text-to-speech – kindle will read out book to you.
Revision Guides
Instead of a Textbook – make your own
Storing Research – convert word files to PDF and put onto kindle.
3G model – using eBay for virtual projects
Marking – convert essays to PDF, put on kindle and transport with you.


Julia Skinner – 100 word challenge

100 Word Challenge
A word or picture is given as a prompt and students are given the task of producing a piece of creating writing using this prompt in 100 words. A different prompt each week.

If you enter you must read another post.

Looking for more entrants…particularly secondary pupils!

Donna Hay

A few ideas for the classroom
Google sites – creating websites
Online jigsaws – can import any image and things can be dragged into place. Great for starters!
World news site – picks out today’s world news from a variety of different sites. What is important news for each country?
Google-a-day – gives a small searching task each day.
Fakebook – creating fake Facebook pages for characters.
Telescopic Text – expanding on a piece of text, making writing more interesting.
Edmodo – secure Facebook. Each class can have their own code. Can be used to submit work.