The Data Confident School Toolkit via 4Matrix

Check out this ‘data confident school toolkit’ I found at

The checklist which forms this toolkit lists some of the characteristics associated with the successful use of electronic data to promote school effectiveness.

For each statement you are asked to decide the extent of development of current practice towards the Systemic use of performance data.

What the toolkit does, once it has been completed, is give you an overview of:

a) whether the school is a data confident institution

b) the headteacher’s leadership in the use of electronics data

c) the role of middle leaders in assuming standards in their subject

Ok, so it’s not the ‘be all and end all’ but a useful toolkit nonetheless imho.

Check it.

Advertisements – site stats analyser (and more!) – everything you wanted to know about a website.

This is brilliant! Can’t believe it! Brilliant for analysis of traffic on your site and other values. Well worth a look!


Visible Tweets – Twitter Visualisations

This site is pretty cool – what it does it take a keyword, searches Twitter for it and then turns it in to a nice Flash based animation – not so cool if you don’t use a device that supports Flash! Like it myself though!


Vector Editor by Aviary

This free app enables you to make fully scalable vector graphics from within your Chrome browser, for FREE!

Well worth checking!


The Posterous Bookmarklet

Loving the Bookmarklet feature within Posterous – wish I’d found it sooner! Top banana!!


BBC’s Podcasts

This web page is a nice one stop shop for all of the BBC’s podcasts.

Check it here: